What Professionals Do We Serve?

affordable health careThe NYOIPA’s goals are to meet the challenge of the Federal Mandate For Affordable Health Care (AHC) by including all the types of professionals that are needed to create a cost effective health care solution for the Citizens of NY State.

We anticipate that Albany, with the watchful eye of our Federal Government, will support us in helping NY States Citizens receive the best possible care teamwork can create!

With this in mind,  our IPA’s Initial goals are to include:

  1. All Optometry:  Private practice,  clinical practice and commercial practice
  2. Ophthalmology,  to make the best use of the most skilled surgeon’s time!
  3. Other professionals:  as needed to provide the triage and patient engagement that minimizes the excessive costs of emergency rooms and patient non-compliance

Details of this commitment will be published in our documentation as events evolve.  As once writer recently stated,  “ACOs and PCMHs,  the tools of AHC ,  are being built much as if we were building a plane while it is in flight!”




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