Support The NYSOA

It is not currently mandatory that a NYOIPA member support the NYSOA with membership; however,  if you are not doing so you are missing the value of the NYSOA and putting your future at risk.

Yes, you can get insurance for malpractice and yes there are CE meetings, thanks to its local society leaders,  but the real value of the NYSOA is its presence in Albany, legislation.

What gives you the right to practice and a fair opportunity to be part of health care in NY State is the NYSOA’s behind the scenes work in Albany.

No matter how much the NYOIPA works to develop vision plans, medical plans or vendor opportunities for you, without the NYSOA, we would not even exist nor would you.  You would be someone’s employee by their legal maneuvering.

As we, at the NYOIPA,  see the future, for your prosperity and opportunity, supporting  the NYSOA with your membership is essential!  Without it, the NYOIPA and you would have no future.




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