New Grads, Future Grads, Become An Associate Member Free!

crystal.ballBecome an Associate Member for free and have open access to:

  • COMMUNICATION: Communicate with successful practitioners who are helping grow our network
  • PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: Meet our doctors who can guide your future or offer you a practice opportunity
  • JOIN OUR COMMUNITY: Become part of our FaceBook community and share in designing your future
  • BE HEARD! Have your ideas heard and become part of all our future!
  • DO SOMETHING SPECIAL:   If standing behind a counter at a retail optical store, bound by practice limitations, is not fulfilling your dream, Join Us!


  • Free for optometry students, currently enrolled in an optometric college and actively pursuing their goal of becoming  an Optometrist.
  • Free for Recent Grads (within first year after graduation, who are not associate,  partners or employed by  any current NYOIPA  affiliated practice. )
  • No monthly dues

Financial Benefits And Limits Of Associate Participation:

  • Ends one year after graduation
    • But may be maintained as an associate membership for just $100 / year 
    • if maintained yearly,  earns INCENTIVE conversion option.  (Fees may vary with IPA policy, no notice of change  required.)
  • Incentive conversion option:  may be converted into a full ownership (member), with all its benefits,  if the od starts their own practice or joins an existing one for:
    • $200  down payment
    • $50 / mo (no rebates until $600 (or fee at time of joining)  in difference is earned by vcd rebates).


  • Want more than just the job you landed?  Join us to learn from success.
  • Available for graduates less than 3 years after receiving your degree.
  • $150 / year with no monthly dues:
    • May be continued for up to 3 years if  membership is continuous
    • Qualifies for Incentive Conversion Option!
    • May not be renewed if  discontinued at any time.

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