Membership Application

NYOIPA.-LEGAL-LOGOWelcome!   This information, Below, is not a promise of membership, ownership offer or any contract between the NYOIPA and the applicant. It is an expression of your interest in participation at a level you may qualify for.. (the application is now on our new website  NYOIPA.COM )


QUALIFYING: When you satisfy the qualification requirements, you will have to maintain a professional practice that passes our groups credentialing standards. This is in order that you may participate in healthcare entities such as ACOs , PCMHs and Vision Plans with whom we will be affiliated. This application is a start and we thank you for your interest. Our power is in unity and that means we want you to qualify and we will help you! After completing the footnote logo with borderelectronic application, our board will evaluate your practice and contact you to confirm your status. After this you complete your full registration and decide at which level you wish to participate. 

OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL OPTOMETRY:  Our IPA, though founded by private practice optometry, is working for the empowerment of ALL optometry.  Private and commercial practitioners may both participate as possible.  The ability to  invest in the IPA financially and intellectually without corporate entanglement,  the ability to share risk without involving corporate decision makers, hours of practice, medical services  and other factors will all affect participation level. However the IPA will strive to provide access to all optical and medical plans to all ODs as is possible.  Membership financial responsibility will also be commensurate, to treat everyone with equity.  Apply Here


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    1. Please call my office 845-279-6179, Dr Joe Ross. (I just noted the Janr Ssor name…. It is my pen name as an author. It’s hard to tell who I am logged on to WP as so it comes out that way at times. Sorry if it appears confusing).

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