The NYOIPA Is Here To Provide Your Employees With The Best Eye Care PossibleNYOIPA.-LEGAL-LOGO
Your Employees Need a Quality Vision PlanVision and eye health problems are the second most common chronic health care complaint in the United States, affecting more than 120 million people. Vision problems restrict and reduce employee performance and productivity, costing companies millions each year.Consider this:

  • 66% of the U.S. work force currently wears prescription lenses.
  • 75% of employees using a computer on the job will suffer eye strain, headaches, or blurred vision. Computer Vision Syndrome alone costs employers $3,600 annually in lost productivity.

More than Just Good Sight

In addition to treating existing eye problems, annual eye exams detect diseases throughout the body, often before people are aware of them. Early detection and treatment of these diseases saves time and money for consumers, companies and health plans.

With Vision Care Direct, From The NYOIPA,  Everybody Wins

Vision Care Direct plans are great for companies, because they enhance an employee’s benefit package at no cost to the employer. Our plans are also great for consumers because they offer significant savings on eye care and eyewear, without compromising quality of care. We may even be able to create a custom vision plan for your organization!

Learn More Today

To learn more about how Vision Care Direct is right for your organization, click on Prospective Members and follow the links. Or to have a Vision Care Direct representative contact you immediately, click on Contact Us.

Current leadership:

  1. President:  Dr Joe Ross,  (Holistic Vision Care)  Putnam County
  2. Vice President:  Dr. Todd Punim    (Monroe Eyecare)  Orange County
  3. Treasurer: Vicki Chenarides (East Fishkill Eye Associates)
  4. Director Of Marketing:   Dr. Ami Ranani (Somers Eye) Westchester County
  5. Director of Communications:  Dr Avi Zlatin, NYC
  6. Director Of  Plan Sales & Marketing:  Dr Brian Powell  (Southern Dutchess Eyecare)  Dutchess County
  7. Secretary: Dr. Debbie Rodner (East Fishkill eye associates) Dutchess County
  8. Secretary: Dr. Ira Clement  (Ira Clement OD)   Rockland County
  9. Director Of Urban Expansion: Vinny Calderone (I-Care)  The Bronx
  10. Board Member: Gary Lake
  11. Board Member: Dan Kirchheimer
  12. Board Member: Steve Rubinstein

Corporate Address and Contact Information:

  • ADDRESS:  NY IPA   c/o  Dr Joseph A Ross, President,  20 Milltown Road, Brewster, NY 10509,
  • Telephone: 845-279-6179,   Fax 845-279-3619  Cell: 845-729-5293 (use if all else fails)
  • Email Contact  (Preferred Method Of Inquiry)

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