Intelligent Vision Exams©


NYOIPA.-LEGAL-LOGOThe NYOIPA helps you take control Via Better Health Care Access Through More High Quality doctors, so that members get a yearly Intelligent Vision Exam©. This gives you 6X the opportunity for earlier detection of health issues!

Earlier Detection
NYOIPA doctors detect signs of diabetes before other healthcare providers over 35% of theScreenshot from 2014-09-26 08:00:17 time!

Proactive Engagement
After the NYOIPA doctors sends examination reminders to employees with diabetes, 40% more return for an exam.

Intelligent Vision Exam©
Doubles as Preventive Medicine

Lower Healthcare Costs
You save nearly $3,000 over two years for every employee who seeks medical care for diabetes after an Intelligent Vision Exam.

Resultant Benefits
Improve employee health and productivity, and lower healthcare costs with an Intelligent detecting diagetes (2) Screenshot from 2014-09-26 08:13:16
Vision Exam©.

What is Intelligent Vision Care © ? – when doctors provide health care directly to the purchaser with out the middleman’s bureaucracy, the bulk of the fee increases strangling our health care system are removed! The doctors are not “rushed” to get to the next patient and can spend the time doing what the do most, providing health care!

VCD Model


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