Women In Optometry!

business womanODS WITH FAMILIES IN MIND:  With a majority of optometric graduates now being women, many are seeking
better quality of lives than that offered by commercial optometry.  Commercial optometry demands long hours, Sunday hours and late nights. For many women this disrupts the family life they hoped to enjoy by being employed and not having to work the long hours they imagined  their own business might require.

ASK NYOIPA DOCTORS VICKI CHENARIDES OR DEBBIE ROODNER: To meet this challenge,  smart women in optometry are starting to buy existing practices and do it in twos!  Two doctors purchasing a single doctor private practice can easily afford it and still get the lifestyle of their dreams that supports a family. As a team, two doctors can set their own hours,  which means less late nights and no Sundays. They can even work just a few days a week each and still have a full time practice; Vicki and her partner Debbie chose this.   In addition they can each cover some holidays and as a result have many of them off with family.  Vicki and Debbie even chose the more challenging route and started cold!

MANAGING A PRACTICE: Managing a practice is much easier too as the responsibilities are shared.  Vacations with family do not have to meet corporate needs,  as a private practice owner you make your own decisions.  When starting cold,  there is a small challenge however,  as you have to learn to lead an manage your staff, until you can hire an office manager; however, this can be avoided when purchasing an existing practice.  Even when starting cold, sharing the opportunity with a partner makes it a fun team building experience.  If you buy an existing practice,  the retiring doctor could teach you how to run it in just a few months time; so it can be more fun and exciting!  Best of all, its yours!

THE FUTURE:  Is this the future for Women in Optometry?   For many the answer is yes as more and more commercial practices demand more and more hours and volume of patients. The profit potential per hour worked in private practice is growing again as medical care comes front and center and IPAs accross America team up for amazing buying power!  Is this your opportunity?   If it sounds like it,  find a partner and start shopping. With baby boomer doctors retiring, opportunities have never been better and it is unlikely they will be again; or,  just start cold as Vicki and Debbie did!  In any case, let the NYIPA help you!

SOON TO GRADUATE?  NEW GRADUATE?   Become an associate member of the NYOIPA and learn how you can benefit from our experience! Talk to our doctors!  You can even talk to Vicki and Debbie!

HOW HAS THE NYOIPA HELPED ITS DOCTORS?   In just the first quarter of our fully legal existence,  the NYOIPA  has added thousands of dollars to our member’s profits!  VCD labs now provides us with the finest lenses in the world and unbeatable prices.  In addition our IPA is receiving  nice fat checks from our national IECP organization for helping to grow our own lab.  This is the amazing part of owning your own business and via the NYOIPA owning part of our national team creation.  Optometry’s future has never looked brighter!  Join the team!



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Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.

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