The State Of The Union – Jan 2015

nyipa LOG0 New One SMALL VERSIONA Bright Exciting Future Full Of Opportunity Greets Optometry In 2015, Thanks To Our Growing Unity!

Quality Vision Care Becomes More Profitable – This year, more than ever in the history of Optometry,  there is profitability returning to optometric practices as the bullies on the block are meeting their matches.  As EyeMed, VSP, Davis and others drive profits down to the dirt,  IPAs across America are reversing that picture and finding themselves able to buy needed technology and spend time caring for patients rather than rushing them out the door.  Cutting out the middleman in eyecare has no small effect! Medical doctors have been proving this for years.

Eye wear Quality, Profitability And Patient Appreciated Value Grow Together!  – Thanks to the national support of IECP and its nationwide IPA owners, we have access to quality eye wear that so outstrip big labs like Essilor that it boggles the mind!  The least expensive progressive lens from VCD Labs, is FAR better than the best from Essilor at a vcd labs logomere fraction of the cost! For many ODs in NY,  VCD Labs has added amazing profitability even though we are just beginning to use the services. Patients can switch from ANY progressive lens to the Acuity Progressive and adapt instantly.  I tried this lens as soon as the lab came on line.  What truly AMAZED me was not the unbelievable low price but the fact that I could see at night better than I have in 10 years!  For 10 years I accepted poor night vision thinking my Varilux lenses were the best. I had bought into the Essilor Hype!  No more!  I have never had a better progressive lens in my life and all my brother and sister IPA members are now talking about how amazing  it is. There are even more specialized progressives if you need and we had the blue blocking coatings way before Essilor! Take the plunge now if you are an eligible NYIPA doctor who has not.  Remember either you direct your future or someone else (vsp, eyemed davis) will!

Optometry and Ophthalmology Work Together For Mutual Success! –  All accross America groups of ODs and OMDs are working on mutual opportunity creation.  Our NYIPA  ACO Chairman,  Dr Ami Ranani, has been traveling to meetings in NY that are aimed at achieving medical care goals that cannot be ignored by the new health care entities, ObamaCare has spawned.  In the South Eastern USA, near Tennessee OMDs and ODs have been creating potential alliances, that if democratically structured, will benefit all.  I am traveling to Jacksonville Fla, this first week in January to learn more about these possibilities.  Meanwhile  here on LI,  Dr Eric Donnenfeld has created a model for OD / OMD cooperation that may become one we help spread accross NY State.  With ODs,  OMDs and PCPs working together, we can easily cut the costs of catastrophic medical illness to ACOs and other entities.  In this manner we secure a place for optometry in the changing medical landscape.

As the Chinese say, when change comes it should be redefined as Challenge. The word challenge should be looked upon as opportunity for in the dirt of change are the seeds of opportunity.  NEVER in the history of eye care, have eye doctors and leadership come together so forcefully to harvest the sees of opportunity.  If some of you colleagues have yet to join the NYIPA,  remind them of what they are not supporting and what they are missing!

We at the NYIPA,  Thank Reid Nelson, the visionary founder of Vision Care Direct,  for his constant support and the over 5,000  ODs nationwide, who have joined in ownership and support of IECP,  our national organization, leading optometry’s march to prosperity and excellence.

Dr Joe Ross,  NYIPA President.


About Janr Ssor

Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.

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