Why Behavioral Optometry Needs To Support IPAs!

Have we forgotten the value of practicing optometry as doctors of optometry?  Is the only vision you can dream of fabricated for you by bottom feeder vision plans and low paying medical insurance?  If so then true optometry is dead!

But if somewhere in your heart there is a recognition of how uniquely blessed you are to be an optometrist who has yet to be cloned into the likes of a Rite Aid pharmacist, then see the movie below to remember why you became an optometrist!  Then join the fight for a free optometry that lets you use the special skills that God blessed you with. Don’t be a mass produced factory clone!  The nations IPA,  the NYIPA.org are your tools to financial freedom and living the optometric dream.


About janrssor

Author whose Nome De Plum and main character share the same name. I am a programmer, eye doctor, holistic practitioner, student of religion, student of mysticism, student of science, business net-worker and I strongly believe that life without a challenge and daily growth is not worth living. My motto is Live Outside The Box.

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