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Take A Stand For Independent Optometry!



Your Creative Change Is Needed!

Elizabeth-holmesMeet The World’s Youngest Female Billionaire, A College Dropout And Medical Genius!

Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of college, like Bill Gates, Steven Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and now, 10 years later, she is in their category of Billionaires by creating a health care revolution (and by NOT having a college degree that forced her into a rigid mold of thinking….ED.)   .…… read the story here..

The news media likes to label success stories as stories of Geniuses.  I think this is as sad as when in the 50s Black Faces were not pretty enough to be on magazine covers.  As a result of this subtle cultural non-comment,  we needed men like Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) to restore self respect and confidence to a race of  special people trapped behind the illusion of nomenclature.  Back then, it seemed,  only red hair and freckles were beautiful.

In a similar way, we as optometry doctors need to know that we are not just the “eye glass” salesmen, newspapers filled with Perle, Lens Crafters and Sears ads, make us out to be.  We need to know that we are truly primary care physicians (a term that MD’s use to disenfranchise OD’s by exclusion in NY state).  EyeMed offers private ODs plan “participation” not just to divert your patients to Perle but because they cannot project the image of “health care” without your offices!  The battle for the future of Vision Care  includes health care and does not require an IQ that says you are genius;  Tomas Edison and Henry For were not likely to have had high IQs. Keep in mind as we re-create health care through the NYIPA and other organizations, that each and every one of you is a potential creative genius!  Don’t be dumbed down by the need to be a genius (though some of you are).  The genius of success that can be ours as well as it is Elisabeth’s comes from looking outside the box and working with a team of great people, like the NYIPA board, to make a difference.

albert einsteinRemember what Einstein said and actively share your ideas with the leadership of the NYIPA.  We are here to build your future. We are working on it because we believe in you. We have purchased ownership into huge creative  financial opportunities like VCD Labs and our national support group, IECP,  because we believe you do not survive and prosper without change!