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Freeing Your Practice From Vampire Insurance Parasites!

Vampire SmileWhen VSP first emerged as a  vampire like threat to Optometric Profits, I began to work on trying to free my practice from insurance; however, being surrounded by many large corporate headquarters like IBM, Pepsi, UC, Boehringer Ingelheim and more  I found my appointment book getting empty as my brainwashed patients went to the guy down the block who had joined the race to the bottom!  Now, as a result, the disease has spread and we have Davis, EyeMed, Superior Vision and more! If you have grown up with them, you may think of them as a necessary evils or as  “partners”  but so did the slaves in Egypt,  and elsewhere, once beaten into submission!  Watch this 10 minute video of how MDs are doing far better for themselves and their patients without insurance and then read how you can start down this road to freedom too! Click On The Picture below!

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The VCD concept, a powerful force behind the NYIPA and nearly 6,000 doctors nationwide, is based upon cutting out the leech you have grown accustomed to, the insurance middleman, so that the doctor gets a better fee and the patient gets better services.  In essence VCD is attempting to help me achieve my dream of freedom by Cutting Out The parasitic Insurance Company.

VCD Model

If Medical Doctors (the first profession to be attacked by these bloodsuckes)  can do it, as you have  see in the video above,  might it not be possible for Optometric Doctors? In the Video above you have  seen that it is not only possible but far more profitable for BOTH doctor and patient when insurance is eliminated and it is being done, in a new wave of empowerment, by many MDs all across America!

The doctor speaking did start COLD without insurance and did so well that in a few years there are Three Doctors in the practice!  Most of you have it much easier because you have an income and a practice, without having to start cold as they did.  So, you can detach the managed care leeches one at a time until you notice that you can stand up, walk and talk without  this vampire like slave master to beat you into shape!

How does VCD and your IPA make this possible?   VCD, bypasses the insurance company by letting the IPA sell plans locally while VCD manages the plans with a nominal service fee. In other words YOU become the insurance company and keep the profit they normally leech from your practices profits.  Much like the MD did in this video provided huge cost savings to his patients, you can utilize VCD Labs to provide the finest lenses in the world, at a fraction of the cost of most labs.  Then because we own the lab with other IPAs nationwide, it pays profits back to you via your  IPA!

Unlike Moses, who had God’s power to lead his enslaved family out of Egypt, we have to rely on our own efforts.  However, there is nothing to laugh at in the power of over  6,000 ODs nationwide, who work as a team of independent businessmen to create financial mosesopportunity and freedom for each other!   We may not become free of oppressive vision plans overnight and march to the promised land, but we can chip away at their whips and chains month by month to reach prosperity, security and freedom of choice.  The first step is recognizing that you have a leech on your body, the second step is joining others to follow a model to remove the leeches.  The MDs are doing it!  Are we less capable?

Start now by taking the first treatments needed to cure your practice of parasites.  

  1. Join an IPA that owns a part of VCD Labs,  like the NYIPA, and give your patients unmatched quality and the best progressive lenses anywhere.
  2. Immediately sign up to use VCD labs for all jobs that you are not “forced”  to send to EyeMed’s labs or VSP’s labs.
  3. As your profits grow,  your IPA will have funding (14% of all our lab usage is returned as profits) and we can go out and sell more Very Competitive plans for you.
  4. As your patient volume from Your Plans grows,  cut off the leeches that you no longer need and add space for Your Own Profitable Plans.
  5. If the MD in the video can see 6 -10 patients a day,  charge FAR less than insurance companies, provide better care and savings to his patient’s and still make a better profit,  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!  If you are not a member, join our IPA. IF you are a member and have this privilege, then sign up to use VCD Labs, now!





The NYOIPA Is Now A Shareholder Of IECP – Why Are We Buying This Ownership?

What is VCD (Vision Care Direct) and IECP (Independent Eye Care Proffesionals and why has the NYIPA become a shareholder?   IECP is an association of independent IPA’s iecp Screenshot from 2014-09-15 08:03:39(Independent Practice Associations, like the NYIPA) in 24 states and soon to be 34.  Each is owned by its doctor members and each IPA can own IECP, which may empower each IPA as you will see from the examples below.  In question and answer format:

1) ACOs – How many other states have successfully integrated with ACOs via the IECP IPA vehicle? Ohio, South Carolina, Kansas are some of the biggest successes.  Our medical contracts are the biggest block of lives and exceed 3 million lives. Our self funded business blocks is larger than VCD. VCD is the smallest block. IECP states have secured 4 major aco cover where do I fit in clear image Screenshot from 2014-03-16 16:18:20contracts this year exceeding 500,000 lives.

2) How will  IECP/VCD open the door for ACOs in NY state? ACOs work on a local basis. Getting involved with ACOs starts with identifying the opportunity. IECP tracks every ACO opportunity and then notifies the state leadership of the areas affected. Local doctors must reach out to the people forming the ACOs. ACOs want primary source credentialed networks. Our Kansas IPA provides that service to state IPAs now. IECP has on its team people who can provide contracting advice and actuarial services.

3) How many states are a part of the VCD network? We have providers in 34 states. We VCD MAP  StateParticipationApril2014have 24 states that own IECP and VCD.

4) How many doctors are in the VCD?  Over 5500 and while ACOs are a big topic of concern for Optometry’s financial medical future, I think we should also address Optometry’s historic financial foundation, Vision Care.


EYE CARE MARKET PROFIT SOURCESPlease note  the image to the left that puts the financial impact of ACOs Medical  income and Vision Care’s materials income into perspective.

The money in eyecare is in materials. Ask yourself, why are EyeMed and VSP  not rushing out to secure ACOs? They have the money, the people and the ability.


5) How can VCD/IECP  help ODs compete with reimbursement reducing plans like Eye Med, Spectera, Davis? The owners of VCD, the state IPAs,  have mandated that we not join the race to the bottom on reimbursements. If IECP cannot improve conditions for its members, it doesn’t get involved. Low vision plan rates are pervasive. VCD now has cut the cost of goods portion of the vision plan through Its new vision plan VCD Complete Eyewear which utilizes VCDlabs,  and through this vehicle puts doctors in a tter position to compete on price but still meet the goal of providing a better reimbursement than EyeMed, Spectera and Davis – though granted not significantly better. beUnfortunately too many independents have signed onto the lower price plans. If buyers can access doctors already on EyeMed,Davis and Spectera, its hard provide something different. VCD Complete Eyewear is providing a compelling options that meets the wants of patients. IECP is building a structural foundation that we hope will provide the financial security to help doctors refuse joining the race to the bottom!

6) How can VCD/IECP  help doctors avoid a situation where they are forced to offer discounts on non-covered services?  IECP has created the only plans that do not force discounts on non-covered services. When the Kansas state legislature follows the Georgia law with a law of its own that stops vision plans from forcing discounts on non covered materials and services or requiring the use of a vision plan labs, VCD Kansas was not affected. In fact, the Kansas IPA works very closely with the state optometric association to better optometry. But here is the most compelling reason for VCD. ALL plans, reimbursements and strategies MUST be approved by local leadership. VCD does NOT require any state to implement any plan or plan option, IECP offers up tools, the local leaders decide what works in their state.

7) How is the VCD network structured? Who owns what (IECP, VCD, IPAs? All these terms get confusing to people) -ECP and VCD are owned by the state IPAs. The IPAs elect a board, the board staffs IECP. IPAs are all owned by doctors. Everything, therefore is owned by doctors through their local IPA.

8) Where does the money from premiums paid go?   Where does the compensation of services  go and again where does IECP, VCD fit in (ie what is their cut)?  ALL, absolutely ALL contracts are held by local IPAs – VCD, self funded, medical, exchange and ACO contracts. The money for vision plan premium and claims flow through the IECP office but all money is deposited into state IPA bank accounts. The states hold the money. IECP keeps 10% to provide claims and admin services. IECP does earn a small percentage of the rebates from the preferred vendor program. The biggest source of income to operate the non claims/admin portion of the business come from service fees to IPAs or from a percentage retained by VCDlabs.

In essence IECP/VCD is owned by independent doctors who own their state IPA’s.  IECP/VCD  then acts to catalyze opportunities with  forming ACOs as well as support Optometry’s fundamental need to stay in the vision care game without racing to become the low paid stressed out doctor at the bottom of the pile!

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The NYOIPA thanks all its membership for your trust and confidence shown through your purchase of membership and support by your dues payments.  We are pleased to be able to reward you with the profit opportunities you may choose to share via using VCD Labs and the coming vendor and lab rebates.