Joining The NYIPA As An Owner (A one time opportunity)

HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF:  Years ago I stood  confidently at the top floor of the World Trade Center and enjoyed the magnificent view.  Pearl harbor was viewed by many as the last place an enemy would be crazy enough to attack!  Since the late 1900s the recommendations of medical and healthcare professionals were treated with unquestionable trust before the Internet.  Remember, dramatic change can come over night!

Optometry’s future has fast approaching mandated congressional changes as challenging challenges 2014to our profession as the attack on Pearl Harbor. These tornadoes of change are the new federal laws empowering ACO’s and PCMH’s to deny you access to the medical patients you now see under names like BCBS, AETNA, etc.   Richard Hom, directory of Wellpoint (80 Million Patient Lives) believes this will happen in the next few years!  I spoke with him privately for 2 hours at Vision Expo,  this year.


History Lessons:

  • Pharmacy was a proud independent profession – 2% or more are now self-employed
  • Opticians as of the year 2008, less than 1% are self-employed. Down from nearly 100% at the founding of the profession!
  • Medical Doctors, in many states have been forced out of business and into employment. Across the nation less than 50% of MDs are still self employed but in densely populated counties it is as low as 10%   Below are some of the big names.
    • The Mount Kisco Medical Group: it is estimated that close to 90% of the local doctors are now employed by MKMG. In Westchester, Rockland and Putnam (3 of NY’s wealthiest counties), there are few remaining self-employed MDs!
    • Mid Hudson Medical Group
    • North Shore Long Island Jewish Group (over 1,000 mds)
    • Silver Creek Medical Group



Lessons In Success:  The solution to staying successful  and profitable is seen clearly in the growth of large groups such as the Mt Kisco Medical Group in NY State, but not for its physician’s who lost their practices before being offered a position in the group.  The lesson is to be empowered and OWN the group not wait to be put out of business and be possibly given a job.  This is what the NYIPA is here to do!

The NYIPA offers you one of two opportunities, but only once in your lifetime.

  • Join the IPA as a member/owner and you can be part of the medical and vision plans we secure as well as earn vendor rebates, lab savings, lab ownership earnings and potentially other benefits for your time and investment.
  • Join the IPA as a participating provider and you can be part of the medical and vision plans we secure as well as earn vendor rebates and lab savings.
  • Offer Limitations: Participants who join more than a month after  presentation of an offer or who lose ownership by not paying dues may only join in the future as a participating provider, with board approval, not as an owner.

Participation options explained in more detail.

How To Apply for the membership option of your choice

Owner / Provider Policy differences, benefits and loss of participation

Dues:  All participants must pay dues even though it is easily offset by vendor rebates, lab savings and other programs to come.  Failure to pay dues, for 3 successive months will be a cause for loss of membership.  You must be reachable by email and phone so we can warn you should you become delinquent.  The IPA will make an effort to notify you but you are responsible to maintain your payments.




About janrssor

Author whose Nome De Plum and main character share the same name. I am a programmer, eye doctor, holistic practitioner, student of religion, student of mysticism, student of science, business net-worker and I strongly believe that life without a challenge and daily growth is not worth living. My motto is Live Outside The Box.

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