Be Sure You Are Eligible For NYIPA Benefits!

As the NYIPA takes ownership in Vision Care Direct, Your Vision And Commitment should be financially rewarded! When the NYIPA legal forms are approved in Albany, dues paying owners will automatically become stock owners rewarded by benefits outlined below. Doctors on the side lines will not.  Membership has its privileges!

membershp priviledges

ACTION REQUIRED:   If you are a current NYIPA Member, to keep your ownership and benefits you must take the action to setup the minimal $50 / mo. dues auto payment. We will be calling your office to register you with our PaySimple dues service. Be sure your staff knows to put the call through to you. We are all volunteers and do not have the time to call over and over.


  • HIGHER FEES: As OWNERS in the NYIPA, you will be receiving Higher Fees for Vision Plans and more plans to chose from. Those who are simply associates, will only qualify for lower paying plans.
  • VENDOR REBATES: Since your commitment to supporting our iPA with small monthly dues pays for our national membership, you will receive vendor rebates and lab savings associates will not.
  • ACO OPPORTUNITIES: You will have the opportunity to participate in health plans like ACOs. Associates will not or if qualifying and needed, at a lower contractual fee.
  • EARN VALUE: Opportunity to earn profits as our ownership increases in value
  • GREATER PROFITS: Opportunity to use VCD Labs for great profits margins that are only going to get better and better as we expand our frame and lens choices. (this is currently available and though our frame selection is limited, it can currently add significant profit to your office even with just uncuts!)

HOW TO PROFIT NOW! READ here how Dr Avi Zlatin has significantly increased his profits via our VCD Labs, even without lab rebates!
COMING STATEWIDE MEETINGS:  Vendor Support, sponsoring statewide meetings to expand the iPA you own and support!

VCD LAB REBATES:  Dues Rebates: 16% of the NYIPA State lab bills go back to the IPA. All distributions, as determined by the board, will go back to Owners at 100% and to later joiners at 50%. ( Late joiners will be those who join more than 3 months after presentations of opportunity….. we may by vote extend this to those who we reach later with presentations.)

LATE JOINER PENALTIES:  Late joiners will also have to pay all back dues to become full members and there may be an additional penalty.

With this opportunity to garner the support of our National IECP, we must become owners in the national IECP and as such we will be signing contracts to pay $333.33 / mo for 4 years to become full owners in the National IECP. For this participation and the success we have demonstrated with our rapid growth in NY State, we will have the support to help us sell Competitive Vision Plans and be able to Expand so that we can have the power to deal with ACOs and challenges like MagnaCare! The NYIPA must maintain its monthly payments, if not we lose our investment in the National IECP, just as you could lose ownership in the NYIPA without dues.

Those NY Doctors on the sidelines (not owners or participating providers at owners offices) and qualifying associates who may wish to become owners later (when our active program beings) will have to pay a permanent penalty:

  • higher ownership fees as your stock will grow in value
  • Possibly higher monthly dues fees
  • back dues equal to all you have paid with us
  • this will apply to doctors who lose their ownership by non-payment of Nyipa dues too.

ACTION REQUIRED: Please be sure you have completed your registration to pay the small $50/ mo dues that is making this possible …… by providing the needed information to being your PaySimple monthly dues (automatic credit card withdrawals) when we call your office soon. Make sure your staff knows to put the call through to you! We are all volunteers and do not have the time to call repeatedly.

NEWS OF OUR GROWTH: To keep you abreast of the opportunities your supporting membership is creating here is a brief summary of what is being done with Your investments in the IPA, that we project will lead to future prosperity and advantages for all of us.

Reid Nelson, a VCD Founder, will be coming to NY and traveling to local meetings to speak on behalf of the NYIPA and VCD. This huge support effort is happening because doctors like you who see the future and have voted with your money to support private practice optometry in NY State. Reid has helped found most of the IPAS across America and works for our national group, IECP (Independent Eye Care Providers). Thanks to you we have achieved the growth and recognition we need to empower you in the near future!

Working with IECP nationally, we will have the support of over 5,000 ODS, like you who have joined VCD nationally via their IPAs! This is leveraged power you could not even dream about years ago! You can already see the challenges facing us with exclusion as Magnacare and Health Republic are currently forcing on optometry. A united optometry will not be walked on!

. Dr Joe Ross, NYIPA President


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Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.

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