An Immediate Benefit Of Joining The NYIPA! $$$

Dr. Avi Zlatin,  who has two very successful offices in Scarsdale and NYC wrote to our NYIPA about his very profitable experience with one facet of the NYIPA, VCD Labs. Here is the text from his email so that you can do the same! 

Here is an immediate benefit of becoming an owner in the NYIPA that I have experienced.

I started using the VCDlabs for ordering my uncuts. The lab is in beta testing and not fully up and running, however the turn around is still close to one week.

Some background information on what I am comparing them to. I used Essilor Varilux 4S and other Essilor premium lenses for several years with my special Visioffice unit to measure patients. There was never a wow from the patients but instead more complaints. I finally went back to HOYA and solved the problem. When I started testing VCDLABS, I did not notice one vision complaint out of the first 20 jobs. The quality of the AR is great. No crazing, it’s one of the best I have used. I would not say these lenses are better or worse than Hoya but the cost to me is.

Here is an example of my cost for some of the jobs I have done.

  1. S.V. Resolution Poly with iBlu coat AR: $40.00
    • Essilor $122.50 (they do not even have iBlu tech AR)
    • I just made $82.5 more on this job with VCDLabs!
  2. Premium digital progressives 1.67 Trans VI with AR: $181.00
    • Essilor $327.50 Vx S 1.67 Trans
    • I Just made $146.50 more on this job with VCDLabs!

More VCDLabs pricing:

  • Premium digital progressives poly trans VI: $137.00Increase Profit
  • Digital S.V. 1.67 with AR: $82.00

My cost of goods has dropped but the quality of the product has not! Use the lab and make back your investment and your dues in 1-2 months. Plus 16% of what you spend is returned to NYIPA to use as they need to run the business or return to the doctors if there is a surplus.

Join today as an owner and start saving. Once the vision plans get started it will further your bottom line.

Abraham Zlatin, O.D., F.I.O.A.
Fellow International Orthokeratology Academy
Eye Q Optometrist
PS:  UNBELIEVABLE QUALITY:  Note from Dr Joe Ross,  NYIPA, President –> before rushing into using a new lab,  my optician was skeptical!  We had a great lab from the Essilor group that we used for 20 years. We knew we could get good work.  To conservatively approach this change, we made glasses from VCD labs, when it was just in testing phase, to try for ourselves.  We ordered 4 pairs of  Acuity progressive lenses with the no distortion Trivex like material, AR and Scratch coating, mounted in a frame for  the ridiculously low fee of $59.00.  ALL of us liked our glasses immediately.  4 months later, I only wear my VCD Labs rx as it has somethings my very expensive Essilor lenses cannot match:  Almost NO distortion when looking far away,  a lager reading and computer area than any varilux lens I own (I have 4 others), and most unbelievable to me is that I can drive with them at night.  I have never seen well with any varilux digital or otherwise, at night.  No problem with the VCD Labs Acuity, lens at night!

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Author whose Nome De Plum and main character share the same name. I am a programmer, eye doctor, holistic practitioner, student of religion, student of mysticism, student of science, business net-worker and I strongly believe that life without a challenge and daily growth is not worth living. My motto is Live Outside The Box.

2 thoughts on “An Immediate Benefit Of Joining The NYIPA! $$$

  1. In an era of ObamaCare and extreme financial pressures, doctors are closing their practices and leaving in despair! The VCD Labs, a part of the NYIPA’s national network benefits, has made it possible to provide High Quality State Of The Art Lenses and frames that will be a sure pleasure for your patients. At the same time it will restore the profitability you need to be enthusiastic about eye care once more! VCD labs is in its first few months of operation and still gearing up, but my personal experience with it is just like Dr Zlatin’s! When I put on my first pair of digital progressives in a distortion free Trivex like material with A/R coating made on the same machines as Crizal, Scratch Coating and metal frame, I was blown away by my instant adaptation and the amazing price! Not one patient in months now has had any trouble switching to these new digital progressives! They only remark how clear and distortion free they are.

    Dr Zlatin is a discriminating practitioner who has built a reputation on excellence and quality services. He took his time in considering changing his winning formula and carefully evaluated the lab. It is exciting to see what it is doing for him and his patients.

    Dr Joe Ross, NYIPA President

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