How To Build An IPA

What is our plan?  We are simply copying a plan that has succeeded all across the USA.   Business-PlanHere it is step by step:

  • [ x ] Done –  A Core leadership Of Volunteers are formed which donates their time to create a unified organization with a legal operating agreement and form an LCC.   Goals, benefits, financial value and membership/ownership dues are defined!
  • [ x ] Done –  A presence is created to share on the Internet and more distant  expansion development core leaders are added to help share the vision all across the state of NY.
  • [ x  ] In Progress –  Volunteers Contact Colleagues.  Volunteers who have read our blogs and see the vision and value begin calling their colleagues to get them to join and create the UNITY and empowerment we offer! They are invited to an opportunity meeting!
  • [  x ] In Progress –  An opportunity meeting is held, On-Line to inform new prospective announce_invite_a_friendowner/members and give them an opportunity to join and  kick-start the group financially. One was held Feb 9th 7:15 PM on-line! (More to come!
  • [   ] In Progress –  Financial Benefits begin to grow.  As each owner/member uses the preferred vendors, dues becomes less and vanishes, instead becoming a profit!  Using our recently acquired lab begins to produce very significant profits (comparable to Luxotica) so that you can take care of your patients with pride and professionalism and not become a factory like many commercial chain stores have done!
  • [   ] In Progress –  Plans are sold and ACO, PCMH negotiation begins.  With cash flow we will hire, train and begin using a professional salesman to sell plans!  These will be prioritized first for make-money-onlineowner investors whose voice is listened to , though members will naturally benefit from these too!  Our organization,  like many other VCD groups, will be able to offer services to ACOs and PCMHs to provide medical evaluations and care especially for diabetics, hypertensives and other services.
  • [   ] In Progress –  We are statewide and thanks to other independently owned IPA’s Nationwide. We will now find large nationwide companies signing up for care in one state and that will be a benefit to all states.  Minimum fees will be agreed upon at our national meetings and adjusted per state for cost of practice.  This is already in planning.  Note:  All IPA’s are shareholders in the national IECP (Independent Eye Care Providers) association. It is ours and we send representatives to the meetings as we have done already in 2014!

Want to learn more?  Click on all the hyperlinks in the article above!   Definitely join us for our next virtual online meeting!   Want to contribute to the effort?  Register for potential membership and communicate in that process how you want to help!



About Janr Ssor

Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.

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