What is the difference between the NYIPA and VSP, EyeMed, Davis



The NY State IPA, NYIPA, is an incorporating business owned by its member OD’s and in NO WAY owned or controlled by any national organization!

IPA’s in every state are self contained businesses owned by its members with two goals:

  1. Make its membership in becoming much more profitable
  2. Assist its membership in ACO, medical care inclusion!

Each state IPA, may choose to utilize services provided by our national infrastructure to dictatorassist us in processing and billing claims and other needed services. These corporate infrastructures, are owned by ECPA (Eye Care Provider Associations) of which the ownership is the State IPAS! UNLIKE a VSP, EyeMED or DAVIS vision plan that will dictate fees to you and sell low paying plans that you must by contractual obligation accept be in their Network, we make our own financial decisions!

What is VCD and ECPA? When Rome built highways to empower their nation to control their destiny their soldiers were given unparalleled control of their destiny. In a similar manner, VCD is a team of businesses, have come together to build the super highway to Optometry’s empowerment; yet, they then sold that ownership to state IPA’s that empower them, make their existence meaningful and viable and prevent the birth of another VSP.

We as a UNITY of independently owned state businesses (IPAs), not only benefit by being able to sell and provide services such as vision plans on a local and soon national level but like VS (Vision Source) do pay back Vendor Rebates and from our recently acquired lab, huge financial opportunities to compete PROFITABLY with the likes of EyeMed, VSP and Davis without having to turn your office into a factory! There is no “franchise” like a VS that you must join or pay 2.5% of your gross to! There is simply a cooperative effort of state owned businesses and service companies that succeed by give each of our states man with car key outsideownership as shareholders. We give our fellow ODs the Key To Their Freedom, we are them! I am a volunteer because I believe in free enterprise and see how oppressed my colleagues are.

A few years ago an OD came to me to be hired and to become a future partner. He worked for me a week and then we separated by mutual consent. He was terribly in debt and needed to make a lot of cash quickly! He said I had a “Dream Practice” but he would not own it soon enough. I met him a few weeks later and he had hired on as on OD in a big box store working for a “lease holder.” He told me he had been required to sign an agreement that he would see 35 –> 50 patients daily and NOT do any medical care but refer out medical issues. I said, “This is going to burn you out and kill you! Why would you do this?” He said to me, “Yes you are right, but I can see that they do not like the lease TreadMill Screenshot from 2014-01-28 10:29:05holder. They are willing to give me the contract in two years. At that point I will employ ODs who will work in this factory like environment and I will make the money I need and I will not have to be a factory worker and burn out! This is worth the pain and suffering of a few years of insanity!” I choose another path!

By legal design and operating agreement, State IPA’s and our National Infrastructure will never become another dictatorial, self profiting, VSP. We are here to make Independent Practitioners able to compete. We are volunteers who sweat and toil to start a financially viable business in every state, that you may own, take risk with and earn profit from. We are freedom!

Dr Joe Ross, president NYIPA


About Janr Ssor

Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.

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