Your Opportunity Meeting To Join Us 2-9-2014

Inline image 1Greetings and welcome to your NYIPA membership opportunity meeting!

YOUR OPPORTUNITY MEETING:   on Sunday Night,  February 9th at 7:15 PM Est,  will be a chance to see if your practice qualifies for NYIPA membership, ownership and empowerment that the  UNITY of  NY State Private Practice ODs are already creating through the NYIPA. 

WHY WE WILL HELP YOU PROSPER:  You will get to learn how we will make you more profitable than you could ever have expected and catalyze your connection to ACOs and PCMHs that might otherwise take away your medical patients! Our Must Read Posts will help you understand these critical issues before the meeting, so read them!

LEARN BEFORE THE MEETING:  be sure you come to our site and READ our blogs and educational materials at NYIPA.ORG  Please write down any questions you may have as you will have a chance to ask questions! At Least read our Must Read Posts! On the upper Right  of our front page. If you have colleagues that you care about,  share this invitation and tell them to REGISTER for possible membership Before The Meeting! 

POWER IN UNITY:  Remember your colleagues are not your competitors;  there is power in Unity and all of us who qualify will all have a chance to OWN the NYIPA and is profits!  This is not a VSP and never will be!

180 SECONDS OF WHY!  Click Here –>



We will be hosting our meeting on-line  using

Here is the meeting date:  Sunday February 9th,  7:15 PM Est.

1.  Please join my meeting with this link:

2.  Call in using your telephone.  We have noisy feedback when people use their computer mic.  Dial +1 (646) 558-2100   

3. The meeting Access Codeis : 986-638-032 

4) Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

5) Meeting ID: 986-638-032

Reid Nelson of  Vision Care Direct  (VCD) will be hosting our meeting. Reid Nelson is one of the Founders of VCD.  VCD,  has helped create powerful, financially successful IPA’s in over 1/2 the Country and more are forming every day! This is an opportunity you will not want to miss!

Changing the Face of Managed Vision Care – One Doctor, One Patient, One Agent at a Time


Dr Joseph Ross, NYIPA, President,



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Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.

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