Getting Off The Treadmill!

The NYIPA,  with the support of IECP and VCD,  has one main goal: Getting all of NY States private practice optometrists off the Treadmill!  What is the treadmill?  It is low TreadMill Screenshot from 2014-01-28 10:29:05reimbursements and high volume forced upon on us by very profitable business that are like leeches on the backs of Optometry.  These have names we all recognize, like EyeMed, Davis,  VSP, etc.   They bring patients into your office but with fees too low to sustain patient health centered eye care practices!  They do this because you have NO voice in their financial decisions and share in none of the profits they earn.

The explosion, across America,  of IPA’s using the VCD,  IECP  support system is catalyzed by the Design Of The System that makes YOUR IPA,  an owner on the state level and an owner on the National Level, of our support system.  In other words, it will never be another VSP that promises to support OD’s but loses its nonprofit status, in court, when it rakes in millions of dollars while paying nothing back to ODs.

Unlike National buying groups,  that charge huge franchise fees,  Your IPA,  has  ownership fees and dues to sponsor YOUR owned IPA at start up.  However, like other businesses as we grow these are expected to vanish and become your profits!  The profits,  when earned, are yours and do not belong to a National Franchise, as in the case of  Vision Source (VS).  If you don’t want  to be controlled like a rat  running in a cage, than UNITY  through the NYIPA is the answer! That is what we are all about!

As the NY IPA acquires its final legal status   (we are incorporating) ownership will be man with car key outsideoffered to those who are first to apply and are willing to help fund its creation.  Ownership will not offer any great financial rewards though it will grow in value over years and give you an immediate voice in our major decisions and may offer some small priorities as in selling plans in your area first. Our state plan, our National Plan, and the operating agreements are worded is to treat owners and members with equity and as such never be a VSP.  This is, after all,  an organization to help private practice OD’s compete with the likes of Luxotica, which we will do and are beginning to do now! Our goal is to return profits and great contracts to our owners and members everywhere.  We will also be your catalyst to expedite membership or even the creation of ACO’s that guaranty you opportunities to participate in the coming medical changes Obamacare has fostered.

Criteria for membership at this point (though there may be changes)  is simple:   You must be a licensed OD who owns their  own practice,  have controlling ownership of your dispensary and be able to provide 24 hour emergency services (as may be required by ACOs and PCMHs).

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