The State Of Health Care – Your Future!

The video you are about to see below, was created by Dr Vincente Calderon. Dr Calderon is the Dr CalderonDirector of Urban Expansion for the NYIPA.

 Dr Calderon flew to Arizona,  on behalf of the NYIPA and All Of Optometry, to meet with the top leaders in the health care industry to help us see over the Precipice to where we may fall or fly.  The choice is yours,  but thanks to his time, efforts and leadership, you will understand why and what you must do to prosper and survive or ignore it and be beaten! 




About Janr Ssor

Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.

2 thoughts on “The State Of Health Care – Your Future!

  1. This is probably the single most important post on this site. Dr Calderon explains in brief, concise, professional, lecture presentation format, what he spent days learning, in just minutes! Though you will see challenges that may be depressing, you will clearly understand why there is opportunity through the “Unity” of our profession, as Dr Calderon so clearly helps us visualize! You will know why have formed the NYIPA and why you must apply to see if you may qualify for membership!

    Dr Joe Ross, NYIPA, President

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