Perspective: Why EyeMed (temporarily) Wants Pvt ODs!

A Look At The Future:   EyeMed puts private practice docs on the back page,  while Perle, Lencrafters and Sears, etc. are on the front page where patients with EyeMed cards can Luxotic Storesfind  who they “are allowed” to see for their care.  Does this tell you something?  What is even more important is to know WHY EyeMed wants any private ODs in their network!

Luxotica (the company behind the whole monopoly) has a vision.  They see what Dr Vincente Calderon is sharing with you on our website!  The future!   Their huge chain could break and rust if they do not command a seat at the table of Medical EyeCare In An ACO or Patient Centered Medical Home!  What ACO or PCMH would want an eyeglass sales company on their team?  How would this reduce medical costs?  Well,  it WON’T!   So,  Luxotica,  with its national political connections,  saw down the pike and noticed they were heading over the cliff!  To alter this course, they had to become the Medical Eye Care Providers Of America and to do this, they hired YOU for free!  You provide the medical care Eye Doc biomicwhen patients with medical eye problems know enough not to go to Sears, Perle or JC Penny optical.   You make them look like a real group of medical eye doctors.  In the meantime they are feverishly working on upgrading their LensCrafters offices and encouraging their doc’s there to provide medical eyecare!   Then they can dump you!

At the front of a Nazi prison camp,  where Jews were taken for extermination during WW II ,  there was a sign in German: “Arbeit Macht Frei”,  it was a deceptive term translated as “work sets you free!”   It was meant to calm the fears of those going there, that it was a death camp and make them believe that the slave labor they would endure would set them free.  Right now EyeMed owns the lives of  35 million members, so you may have not choice but to join EyeMed (for now); however, what is Your Future,  if you don’t change what you are doing?

What about the future?  We, as optometrists, have been negligent of the path that health care was taking!  We have been warned by the likes of VSP that claimed to support us but took us down the path to lower and lower fees.  There is Davis and Spectera  if you want to really play with matches!   It is time to change your thinking!  It is time to realize we must follow a path that Luxotica is well aware of!   But we must do it on our own if we want private practice to exist in the future!   Like EyeMed we must be vertically integrated, own our own labs and buy from factories not wholesalers!  We must be profitable!  Unlike


EyeMed we are ahead in medical care and must now make that lead a leap forward to leadership,  The New York IPA, one of 23 nationwide IPAs owned by its members, for its members and by its members!   Just remember Albert Einsteins Quote:

Register To See If Your Practice Can Qualify For Membership In  The NYIPA Now!




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About Janr Ssor

Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.

3 thoughts on “Perspective: Why EyeMed (temporarily) Wants Pvt ODs!

    1. Within the next 4 weeks we will begin reviewing. we have been swamped with request for information from all over. If you are subscribed to our blog you should have seen quite a few informational articles and videos coming out. We are working on answering questions as people are signing up across New York to help lead the growth our nascent IPA, Thid is our priority.
      Dr Joe Ross, NyIpa Pres.

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