Eye Care Industry Trends!

....this article is courtesy of VCD

Private Practice Eye Care Providers (PPECPs):

  • are LOSING 2 to 4% market share per year
  • provide 65% of the eye exams and only supply 39% of the eyewear
  • have more managed care patients each year
  • are losing locations (1000 per year nationwide)

Corporate optical retailers (Lenscrafters, Pearle, Wal-Mart, Costco, etc.):

  • are GAINING 2 to 4% market share per year
  • provide 33% of all eye exams and provide 60% of all eyewear dispensed
  • are gaining locations (1000 per year nationwide)

Vision Care Benefits:

  • Demand is INCREASING
  • Are the least expensive benefit of the big four benefits (medical, prescription card, dental, and vision.)
  • Demand is the same as dental and continues growing each year.
  • Help to ensure that patients purchase materials and services from PPECPs instead of corporate optical retailers

OD graduates:

  • Are choosing to work for corporate optical retail chains rather than in private practice
  • Are recruited by corporate optical retail chains at optometry schools
  • Are demographically more prone to favor retail chain occupations

The Bottom Line:

PPECPs are LOSING market share and money because:

  • They have lost private pay patients to corporate optical retail chains
  • Managed care (Spectera, Davis, Avesis) reimburses poorly
  • Patients are not covered with vision care benefits independently or through a collective organization (work)
  • They cannot capture new OD talent
* Based on Jobson Optical Research Reports

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