The NY IPA was founded today 12-14-2013

The NY IPA  was founded today by a meeting of past Vision Resources leadership and lots Business success growth chartof new great doctors from across NY State.  On start up we have a board that includes members in Orange, Dutchess,  Putnam and The Bronx Counties of NY State!

Our goal is to duplicate the success that other IPA’s across the US have had with developing, marketing and selling better quality plans to local and national buyers. In addition we anticipate being the NY State voice of optometry in negotiating with ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) created by  The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).  These ACO’s will be parceling out lives to groups of providers and we anticipate being one of them to keep your offices busy!

The NY IPA,  is a group of independent  practitioners and will not include commercial doctors as our goals are to provide the level of care that we believe is not consistent with the goals of mass eyeglass merchandisers who lease out these facilities and as such have a strong influence upon how their leaseholder doctors may practice.

We have lots of other goals in mind to make your practices much more profitable through the rapidly growing size of our national organization,  IECP,  which is owned by the local IPA’s.   As our buying power grows, so will yours and so will your profitability.  This means that soon our member doctors can compete and win contracts that might otherwise end up in the hands of big chains.


About janrssor

Author whose Nome De Plum and main character share the same name. I am a programmer, eye doctor, holistic practitioner, student of religion, student of mysticism, student of science, business net-worker and I strongly believe that life without a challenge and daily growth is not worth living. My motto is Live Outside The Box.

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