The NY Optometric Independent Practice Association

Welcome:  The,  is the website for NY Optometrists IPA PLLC (NYOIPA). We are an association of eye doctors working with  other professional in the state of NY,  whose two main goals are:  1) To

Eye Imageprovide the excellent quality of eye care NY residents deserve,  at a fee they can afford and   2) To empower eye care professionals and others to contract for services with the new entities that control  patient lives under ObamaCare.  We are a totally independent business organization and a  member of Vision Care Direct,  a nation wide organization, whose goals are excellent affordable eyecare.  The is  legally the “NY OPTOMETRISTS IPA PLLC”  .

Why Join Us?  If you are an eye care physician (OD or OMD)?   For one of many great reasons, read our post  “Peering Over The Professional Precipice” now.  Then come back and finish this post.

What Are Our Current Goals For 2014?

  • Through owning our own lab and supply chain be able to compete profitably with plans like EyeMed and VSP and SELL our own plans in our own state.
  • Through forming a united network of ODs and some OMD’s be able to compete for lives from as an ACO and not lose the medical care of our patients as might otherwise happen.
  • Design creative solutions in response to the demand of ACOs that create financial options we have never before had or imagined.

The Vision Care Direct Difference 

VISION CARE DIRECT is a vision plan that is owned and operated by Private Practice Eye Care Providers (PPECP) through the creation of state Independent Physician Associations (IPA). We cut out the middle man which allows patients to pay smaller premiums and allows doctors to provide better care. (See How VCD Works)

VISION CARE DIRECT is better for patients.

Most people don’t understand the value of quality private practice eye examinations. Most consumers are only interested in the least expensive option. What they don’t consider is that, most of the time, the least expensive option is also the lowest quality. Vision Care Direct ensures that patients get the highest quality of care at competitive prices. To learn more about why VCD is right for you, visit “Prospective Members.”

VISION CARE DIRECT is better for doctors

Private Practice Eye Care Providers want to provide patients with the very best vision care available. Unfortunately, most vision plans don’t allow doctors to obtain the most up-to-date equipment when they don’t provide enough resources to the doctors. Vision Care Direct makes sure that doctors have the resources to provide the best care. To learn more about how your opportunity to become a VCD provider, visit the VCD page for  Doctors and  Learn More!

To learn more about how VISION CARE DIRECT can help your practice, your business or your family obtain superior but affordable vision plans, explore our website. If you have additional questions, Contact VCD or us directly  with this link. Contact Us!

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